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July 20, 2013
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PKMN Crossing: Maurice by Millenium-Lint PKMN Crossing: Maurice by Millenium-Lint
12.7.13: Updated app art from the old cruddy one and made the Sagittarius sign better; he doesn't look as chubby anymore. : </sub>

NAME: Maurice Amperson



BIRTHDAY: December 20

ZODIAC: Sagittarius

AGE: 16



Maurice is not like typical Mareep. He is not very calm and he gets angered rather quickly, but he does cool down quickly afterwards also. Maurice also makes choices without much thought and usually gets in trouble because of it (somewhat mischievous). He does cares very much for his loved ones. Although, after the incident with his father, Maurice does not trust other Pokemon easily and because he is afraid of them hurting him, like how his father did. However he is very friendly (or tries to be) and likes the company of others, although he doesn't really show it.


JOB: Currently None

HOMETOWN: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh


Maurice grew up with a deadbeat father (Umbreon) and a hardworking mother (Flaaffy) in Snowpoint City. Maurice's parents met at a university in Goldenrod City. Maurice's mother was studying to become a pharmacist while his father was studying art. They instantly fell in love but his mother got pregnant with Maurice, causing her to drop out of college. His parents decided to move to the isolated city of Snowpoint in the Sinnoh Region to avoid the nasty rumors and to get some peace and quiet. After Maurice was born, his mother had to get a full time job as a receptionist for a small company, while his father was trying to make a decent living from his artworks. Despite struggling with financial issues, Maurice's mother was a hardworking optimistic Pokemon, however his father was more of a dreamer. Maurice's mother would often tell him to get a real job to support the family. His mother would complain to him how she's doing all the work and how she is the only one who actually cares about the well being of the family.

Being a single child, he was spoiled by his mother and father. They would try to get him anything him wanted and Maurice would whine and cry if he didn't get whatever he wanted. As a child, he was, all in all, satisfied with his life other than the occassional fighting his parents have. But that's normal ... right?

A few years later, his father finally began getting his name known as an artist and made a lot more money. He would have art shows and exhibits featuring his own art. Maurice and his mother were happy for him until his father started to let the fame get to his head. Maurice's father started spending more and more time away from his family at parties, spent even more money and focused a lot of his time on his public image. Then one day his father and mother got into a fight. Maurice's mother told her husband how he has changed and how he never spends time with her or Maurice anymore and that he needs to act more like a father instead of like a stuck up celebrity. His father decided that he doesn't need them anymore and that he can find someone else whenever he feels like. Maurice witnessed this fight and it went on for hours. In the end, his parents got divorced and went their separate ways.

Maurice's life hasn't been the same since... He didn't take the divorce very well. He developed anger issues and hated his father for abandoning him and his mother. He would be locked up in his room all day, taking out his anger and pushing his friends away. Maurice also discovered that playing video games is a good way to escape reality.

That spring, Maurice and his mother went to Floaroma Town to visit his aunt and help them get over the divorce. Living in Snowpoint all his life (and being cooped up in his room all the time), he has never seen so much flowers in one place before. While he was in Floaroma Town, he took an interest in gardening, but he never really showed it since he was worried that other kids would make fun of him and his 'manliness'. He loved it there; it was relaxing and helped him calm down. The sleepy, sweet and tranquil atmosphere of the town helped him forget about his problems and made him happy for the first time after the divorce. His time at the flower filled town made him realize that there will always be happy moments in life to counter the bad.
After spring was over, he went back to Snowpoint with his mother.

Since then, Maurice wished to move out of Snowpoint. It took him years to build up the courage to ask his mother for her permission to move out. One day Maurice mustered up the courage to ask his mother if he could move out, convinced that he could take care of himself. His mother was not very pleased with his decision. Maurice explained to her that he disliked the cold weather (and the bad wi-fi connection in the mountains) and how he also felt like a burden to his mother, causing her to work all of the time to provide for him. And most of all, he had too many memories of his father in their house. Maurice's mother agreed that it's probably for the best for him to move somewhere else (of course with an adult) and make new friends. Unable to leave her job, his mother asked her older sister, Aurelia (Ampharos), to look after Maurice in his new home. [Will make an NPC Character sheet for Aurelia, if I get in]

So when Aurelia asked Maurice where they were going, he had no clue. He never really thought it out. Then his aunt helped him by showing him a couple of brochures. Maurice, out of the places he thought was "cool", Pokette was among them. The towns were small and peaceful. He thought it would be the perfect place to forget memories of his father and make new friends.
And, thus he went to check out the town of Pokette with his aunt, Aurelia. What will happen next?


Hobbies: Exploring, Playing Video Games, Gardening

Favorite Food: Pecha Berry Pie

Favorite Berry: Pecha Berry

Accessories: The scarf his mother knitted for him

-His wool is naturally puffier and whiter than other Mareeps because he grew up in Snowpoint City.
-He is a decent gardener.
-Although he likes playing video games, it is not his strong suit. Yea, he's pretty bad...
-Maurice has only one yellow stripe on his tail and ears like an Umbreon.
-He is a talented artist like his father but doesn't like to use his artistic ability because he despises him.

Ability: Static

Move Set: Growl, Thunderwave, Thundershock, ----</small>
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Congrats, and welcome to town! I'm so happy to see this cutie pie in the group; I've always loved his character and his unique and interesting personality :la:
If you don't mind, I'd love to rp with Maurice sometime! 

Millenium-Lint Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Student General Artist
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Of course i don't mind. I'll be happy to RP anytime.
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Hihi! I wanted to comment on Maurice's app earlier, actually, but his app has changed a lot since I first saw it and wow I just really love Maurice now :squee: I don't see anything wrong with it and I like how his history and his reaction to what happened in his life are realistic and not too simplified. Plus I think it's cute that he likes being around others; it seems like a nice balancer to the rest of his personality ^^
Best of luck! I'll be rooting for you and Maurice~ We should rp sometime if you get in!
Millenium-Lint Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Haha Thank you~ Yea, I've been tweaking his app for a while. I really want to get into the group. I've had my eyes on it for a pretty long time. XD I love your character Josephine. She's so cute!
We should! If I get in of course.

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